This is totally a place holder post, but I really do need to post a completed animation here for people to check out.

If you're a programer, or any group/team looking for an artist to create characters for your; RPG, Puzzle game, Choose your own adventure game, shoot 'em up, Fighter, Adventure game, etc. Look no further.

I have experience with Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and I animate also.
Pay doesn't have to be apart of the equation, I'm just looking to make myself a bigger part of the art community this year. I know it can be tough to find a good artist who will create work for you for anything other than money, but I may just be willing to take that plunge if your project is interesting enough, or has enough passion.

You can find examples of my work on : http://jc-of-the-redflame.deviantart.c om/
or you can check out my Pixiv (you will need an account to view, and there is NSFW content: 480

If you're interested, or know someone that is, you can send me an email with "Looking for an Artist" as the subject to:

You can also leave me a message in my inbox here.

I don't really ask for much. At the very least, I'd like to of course be credited. Depending on the project, the size of it, and how much art needs to be completed, some form of compensation will go along way to get me aboard. ( I think that'd be fair )

There you have it. Otherwise, Happy New Year.