Entry #2

Going to try and post my first animation this year.

2013-01-26 18:25:24 by TalesofJC

This is totally a place holder post, but I really do need to post a completed animation here for people to check out.


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2013-01-26 19:15:01

good luck!!


2013-01-26 20:02:11

Make sure it's a full cartoon and not a shitty 5-second loop. And don't call it "my first animation".

TalesofJC responds:

I'm sure you guys get enough of those in the portal to put together a 60 minute sh!tty loop movie. Don't worry, I'm not "that guy".


2013-07-14 15:40:48

I can't wait! Your art style is beast so I know I'll enjoy it!